Monday, May 23, 2011

Honey was right

When we moved into our new place my husband immediately signed us up for CLEARWIRELESSINTERNET.NET wireless internet which at the time I thought was kind of unnecessary. Now that we’re knee deep in all these home d├ęcor projects, though, I totally see where he was coming from! We’ve ordered countless project books and supplies online and we also watch a lot of tutorials about how to do certain things. I’m proud to say that we recently put up a tile backsplash all by ourselves and my husband is staining the deck as I write! I want to make this place look as homey as possible and I figure that putting in a little elbow grease now is the best way to really reap the rewards of owning a big home in the future. Whatever the cost, I’m going to get this house looking like it’s straight out of a magazine, even if I do have to do all of it myself! Thankfully my husband’s her to help and clean up