Sunday, February 22, 2009


Okay, I know what you are thinking. What the heck is an Ash-tion-ary? Well, my oldest daughter has her own arsenal of words. Where the heck she gets these words or how she makes them up I have no idea.

It all started when I had made the comment of how much this girl sleeps. I really think she has a disorder. She just loves to eat then go take a nap. She does however work from like 3 to 11 at night. Therefore, I have done a days work by the time she gets out of bed at 1:00 p.m. I was like what the heck, girl you need to get movin.

One day I was really tired and really did not feel like doing any laundry, dishes, and cleaning of the house and I thought to my self I am in the first stages of "Ashley-i-tis." I thought OMG, this is not good. Ashley-i-tis can be defined as; wanting to sleep, occasionally eat, and go to work minimal. Then come home and do the same thing, party on the weekends all hours and then start the week over. Ashley -it-tis. I am sure most of you who have kids at home may have this. Beware, this could go on for a while. Snap out of it if you feel like this could be happening to you.

I love my girls. They bring such life to mine.

Second word that I found out yesterday, while we were having lunch at BDubs just enjoying the day with the family. She told her DAD that she was his favorists. What? What kind of word is that? That is not a word, her dad said "Yes it is, did you not know it was in the ashtionary?" I just busted out laughing. That is funny.

Yes folks, I am building an Ash-ltion-ary for some of you who may have this problem understanding your teenager, oh wait she is twenty-somthing. HA.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What is Cookin!

Hello everyone,

I do not know if any of you know this, but I am a reality TV junkie. One of my favorite shows is Top Chef. I have watched this show since it has started. I love it.

One day I am going to be able to get my husband into Culinary School to do some cooking. He loves to cook. He loves all the favors too.

This season has been totally crazy. I love Carla. she is so positive about everything. I love her energy. I wish I could be like that. Not too sure who I like as far as guys are concerned. My cute little blonde hair guy "Jeff" left so I don't know now. I like the anciented guy with the dark hair.

Not to sure who it is going to be on this one.

I will always love Harold, but I haven't really seen anyone really up their game. Come on chefs let's see some real cooking.