Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Best Thing About Me Test

Wow, discipline. i am not too sure about this, but I will say that it is cool that I rank up there with Jesus and Ghandi. Notice how I lefted out the other name.

I think this was pretty cool. Says people with discipline are successful. i do wish to be successful and rich. :) Thanks C.C.

Your result for The Best Thing About You Test...


Discipline is your greatest virtue.

Discipline is the act of enduring that which you don't dig ("the shit"), even though you could be doing something else more fun, because the shit is better for you in the long run. And you? You are remarkable. You can endure a lot of the shit, sometimes self-imposed. All 7 virtues are a part of you, but your discipline runs deepest.

Discipline is the key to success. In the picture above, the climber is finally having fun and unwinding, after a life of preparation.

Disciplined famous people:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whining Wednesday

Whining Wednesdays! [Photo]In my exercise class on wednesday, someone came up with the term, Wednesday was for whining. Okay, I take that. The more they whined the harder they had to work. I have decided to dedicate Wednesday to strictly whining. If you would like to join in, please be my guest. I think it will be fun. Just don't let it get out of hand and don't use real names just to help protect the non-whiners. PBSssssst. Whatever!Okay, I will start. Well, I don't know how many of you know that I install blinds for Lowe's Home Improvement. Yes, I am going to use their name. But, I am having trouble getting a hold of anyone when I call. So, here is what happened on Wednesday, August 13th. I was driving from an install. The install went really well. That is because I did all the measuring. Funny how that happens.Okay, so being the professional that I am, (I liked to think that I am), I noticed that I had a missed call from Lowe's from the Southside store. I don't like to take my phone in on a job, because if it rings it just breaks my momentum. So, I called back and asked the operator to patch me through to the deparment. The phone rang and rang and rang and rang and rang [Photo](you get the point) until the operator came back on and asked"How may I direct your call?" So, this time I ask for them to page the department, because they carry phones on them. The phone rang and rang and rang and rang ( are you getting the point?)[Photo][Photo]The operator comes back on and asked again; "Who are you holding for?" I then said, "Now I need install sales please." She then asked "Is there something I can help you with?" You can get me installs sales please (my tone of voice is getting rather frustrated).The phone rang and rang and rang and rang. Urgh! So, again the phone rang back to the operator, "How may I direct your call?" Could you please, page install sales! Again, the phone rang and rang, etc... I was getting really ticked off by this point. The operator comes back on, I know you guys, most of you would have hung up by now, but hey I am trying all my avenues. If I don't talk to someone about what is going on, they are blowing my phone up and getting on me. [Photo]One more, time, the operator came back on and asked "Who are you holding for?" I reply in a stern voice, "Now, I need a manager." She replied "okay, let me see." The phone rang and rang and rang........ You have got to be kidding me. People this is 2:30 in the afternoon. The kids are still on summer vacation. Where the heck is everyone.She gets back on and I say "What is the manager's name?" Let me patch... "No, I need a name, you are not going to patch me to anybody." She says: "Let me see who is working right now" "Are you freakin kidding me, not anybody, cause I keep getting you. Apparently, you are the only one working out of the three departments I have tried. She gave me a name. I said "I am on my way." Urgh! You know I feel like my friend at the top, I just want to stuff the pillow on each one of those departments. Men happen to be in charge of all these departments. Worthless Men.Okay, that is my whining for Wednesday. Feel free to add your Whining Wednesdays.
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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Week of Silence.

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to drop a note to everyone to let you know that I so apologize for the week of silence. I had scheduled something to post while I was gone but it did not work.

For my Entrecard droppers. I am back now and will be hitting your sites again.

For my regulars, again, I apologize that my post did not work. I think you are going to love it when it does post this week.

I was out of town working on my fitness and I am so sore right now, that the only thing that seems to be working are my fingers to write this post. I had a good time and ready to get into the semester and clicking away again.

A much needed break and much needed education in my field.

thanks for coming by and leaving the comments.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Creative Photography # 10 A Canyon Full of Colors

I took this picture several years ago. I thought you might enjoy seeing what I saw. Okay, not changing a thing from what the judges said.

The Grand Canyon:

Just takes my breath away. I love the Grand Canyon.

Go take a look at all the other great photos. at

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quiz --What Olympic Sport Are You?

I was doing my regular EC dropping today and I ran across Seasons for All Blog and I saw that she had this cute little quiz on there that caught my eye so I tried it. Here is what I am:

You Are Tennis

You are highly competitive and driven.

You're in it to win, and you will keep going until you do.

You crave fame, success, and the envy of others.

Well, I do have to say that I did play Tennis in High School. I was pretty good though. I am competitive by myself, that is why I like to bike, swim, blog, and teach aerobics. I do however love basketball. That is my real passion.
Yes, I have to admite that I do kind of crave fame, success, but I don't envy others anymore. I used to and then I never got any where, so I believe in myself.
So, being in the Olympic spirit, go over and take this little quiz. You might be surprised. Here is the link.
Thanks I thought this was fun. Go the WILLIAMS SISTAS. Congrats on the GOLD.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tea Pots Sitting on a Fence

Here is to Edge of Insanity. I love Sam's writing. She has a knack for writing and I enjoy reading her blog. She has a way of making me recall certain things that I have seen in my travels.

Here is to you.

Now, Sam talks about living in HillyBillyVille. I would like to know exactly where that is. I talk about it all the time. But Sam, have you ever seen this?

Okay, so this lady I am assuming collects tea kettles/pots, but she must have too many in her house that she decided to line her fence with them. Here is a closer look.

So, what do you think? Hope you can see them.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Creative Photography Contest #9 Fly Away

I had so much fun in the last photo contest and there are so many talented photographers out there. They really inspired me to start taking photos again. So, I thought I would try my hand at some different coloring filters on PhotoSuite.

My poor Sycamore Tree gets all stressed out from the Texas heat, normally in July. My front porch was covered with them the other day. I finally swept them all together and then played around with pictures. Here here you go.

The first picture:

Now, after the filters. This is what the leaves do on my front porch.

I apologize if the pictures are kind of small. I tried adjusting them. They wouldn't budge.

Hope you enjoy.

If you would like to check out some of the other pictures I suggest you do. They are awesome.

Go to

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They Are Like Peas and Carrots

I was just over at Edge of Insanity where Samantha talks about her wonderful cute boys quit a bit and it occurred to me that I have not really taken the time to talk about my girly girls.

So, here it goes, as I take in a long breath. I say they are like Peas and Carrots cause I just love Forrest. Yet, they are soooo very different. How in the heck can these two precious girls be my daughters. I have to shake my head in disbelief. Did I act this way growing up? Heck no, I never did that. Just ask my mom. (As I shake my head yes, and know darn well)

I tried to have them only 3 years apart. Both of them are beer babies. I was drinking when concieved, does that tell you anything? Jerry took advantage of me twice. That dirt bag. So, as you can see married for 22 years and really only had real sex twice.

Well, it did not work out to have them 3 years apart. I had them 6 years apart. I had to be drunk to do that. :)

Okay, so my oldest is 21 years old now. She has come along way. Keeping her butt out of jail and not pregnant has taken its toll on me.
Okay, got her through that. Now, I mentioned in my Tag I'm It that I had done several crazy things to my first child. I am really wondering if babies are as durable or as bouncing as some think. I really think maybe the brain cells did not fully develop with this child. She makes me laugh though. How can you not love this precious baby?
Yes, this is the precious baby that I accidentally threw up and banged her little head into the ceiling fan. hey, not my house, did not know it was there. She survived. Mentally, I think the short school bus is near by most of the time. Dee-da-Dee! She is my special child. How can this be? What did I do? I did not smoke, I did not drink (after I found out), I just sat on my big fat butt and did artsy fartsy stuff and ate. She is my special baby.

Okay, so now the clock has turned up to 21 years old. OMG, she has not changed. Still, that stubborn special child. I try to explain things to her, and it just goes over her head. She says truly says "How can I be broke, I still have checks" "My bank account said Friday that I had money, now it's Monday and all the debt card things I used cleared my bank account and now I am broke." Go figure Ash. I still love her. Who could not love her. Just look at her now, Miss Special Girl.

Well, now she rides a different bus. The West Texas Kind of Bus.

If she doesn't start paying attention to the bank account, this is what she is going to be riding to work. :)

Okay, now for the youngest. Well, she started off just like the first one. I had to have a party before I could get pregnant again. Oh, I forget, Jerry had taken advantage of me. Yes, that was it. memory starts to fade after a while.

Here is my precious baby number 2.

I don't have too many baby pictures of Connor, well, because look at them. They look just alike. If you want to know what she looked like, look at the first baby. Ha. Cute.

Connor is totally different. A lefty at that. Nothing against left handers, they are a smart bunch. It is just weird. Where did she get that from. Well, actually she can do things with either hand, which is such a gift. She is very smart. Now, when I was pregnant, I did keep walking a lot and really kept up with my exercising. I ate alot better. I did not throw her up in a fan. This baby was just content to sit there and watch. However, during delivery, she did turn blue on me. I am so glad she is here. I love her. Here is her today.

She plans on being a lawyer and hopefully do some modeling. Anyone interested? She is looking for an agency that will take her. She will finish school early. She will finish school 1 1/2 years early. You go girl. Love you.

Now, here are my Peas and Carrots. They are each others partner-in-crime. Peas and Carrots.

There you go, my two special girls. They keep me young and hip. Love you both.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Creative Photography Contest #8 Twin Lakes

I thought I would give this photo contest a try. Couldn't hurt. There are some really neat photos over at Go check them out.

I grew up in California near L.A. Every summer, well, every other summer we used to go to Mammoth Lakes. It is gorgeous up there in the summer. Not very hot either is another reason we liked to camp up there. Well, I was fortunate enough to take the girls up there so they could see what mountains really looked like. We camped at Twin Lakes. They have a great waterfall that runs into both lakes. It is awesome and some really great fishing there as well. This is one of my all time favorite photos that I took while we were there. Hope you like it.

Wish me luck.

Tag! I'm It

Okay, so Samantha over at The Edge of Insanity tagged me and so now I have to write about 7 things that I want the whole wide world of the internet to know about me. Then, I am supposed to tag 7 fellow bloggers to do the same. Sounds like fun. Let's give it a go. No, I am not british, but married one, does that count? By the way Sam I love Hugh Lurie too and I especially love the accent. My hubby does not talk like that no more, he does when he is with his mum. I just melt with accents. (Okay, shaking my head out of the clouds and get back on track) What am I suppose to


Oh Yes, now I remember.

1. I am secretly in love with Matthew McConaughey, and Kevin Costner. I do have Matthew on My Myspace page too. A nice little slideshow for me to watch. :) if you would like to see it. Sorry Kevin, hadn't had a chance to do one for you. I am sad :( that Matthew had a baby with the gorgeous girl from Brazil. Now, why in the heck did he have to choose a girl from there? All he had to do was look in his own state for crying out loud.
Matthew call me! Hehehe.

2. Oh, I love Joe Montana, oh that guy makes my heart give out everytime I see him. He also has good looking boys too. Come on! I won't even go there. I love Joe. He is on myspace too.

3. I am a reality TV junkie. I love pretty much all the shows. I know they are retarded but there are some good ones too. I occasionally watch Hannah Montana, no relations to Joe, but it is pretty funny. Could have done it without the dad though.

This is hard.

4. I am really into fitness. I love keeping my body healthy, why? So that I never get sick. Now, my allergies and sinuses are totally different. I always wanted to play in the WNBA when it came out. Well, actually I wanted to go to a Big 12 college to play basketball and be point guard. I dreamed, lived, and played basketball. Well, that was just a dream and I had to settle on playing for an Air Force Team in Alaska. We played in a little tournamnet down at Travis AFB, California and got the pants ripped off, stomped on, buried to never be found again. The most pitful memory I ever want to have playing basketball. So, I played on the men's team up in AK. I had so much fun. I was the only female to ever play on a team. I guess that is something. It wasn't the girls team, but for memories I guess that will have to do. Hey, I am over 40 now and I am still good. Call me!

5. Okay, here is one for you. I wonder why my oldest is like the way she is. Is it because when she was a baby I accidently threw her up into the ceiling fan, or was it because on the way down from Alaska she fell head first into the cooler. Oh, I know maybe because before I knew I was pregnant I drank like 3 bottles of champagne on the wedding day. We call her my champagne baby. It could have been when she was little she fell off the bed and I did not know until I went in the room to check on her and she was laid out flat, didn't even wake up. She still sleeps hard. I need some TNT to wake her butt up. Hey, she's the first kid. She is still kickin. We learn from experiences. Both her dad and I look at her and asked ourselves, how did she get this airheady? Champagne keeps coming up.

6. I totally went into the men's VIP lockerroom in South Carolina, Charleston AFB. Can you believe it? I know, and the funny thing is, again I did not realize it till after I took my shower and kept wondering, how come there are no ladies in here. What, there is always ladies in the locker room. I had glanced over at the locker and noticed men's deordorant and men's stuff. i was butt naked and I quickly hurried up and got out of there. I have this thing with men I guess. I don't know but just a couple of weeks ago I did about the same thing except it was in the restroom. Read about that "Which one am I". Holly crap, I am over 40, I still haven't figured this out yet?

7. Last but not least. I don't know, probably should have saved number 6 for the big finale. I am finally in the process of making my very first exercise Light Yoga video. This video will be just for beginners who are not too flexible. For those individuals at the treatment center who just need a little maintenance. Also for those others who need a little something in the morning 30 minutes to get going and then something in the evening to relax. I will keep you posted on when you can expect something. I know I will look retarded or whatever. But you have to try sometime and take the risk or you will never get there. My saying is "A year from now you'll wish you started today." So, I am taking the steps. Wish me luck.

There you have it. My 7 things. Now, here are the seven people I tagged. Check them out, very cute blogs.

1. C.C. Almon over at LorelaiCC aka C.C. Almon
2. Jamie over at All About Belle
3. Jennifer over at The Dirty Shirt
4. Angelika over at Angelika
5. Cardiogirl over at CardioGirl
6. Melanie over at Our Happy Happenings
7. Dr. Martha Preston over at Living Strong and Happy

There you have it. It is my dirty laundry. Well not all of it, somethings you just have to keep to you self. That is what little girls are made of. :)

Have fun. Just laugh. You know you burn more calories laughing than frowning. Just a little tip. Just laugh all day. :)