Friday, January 9, 2009

Ghost Town

I know you are probably thinking that all I do is watch movies.
Here is another review of a movie that I thought was so funny that I will have to watch again.

The movie is called "Ghost Town" I had never heard of it. I never saw the previews or had anyone mention the movie.

I watched this movie with the hubby right after the "Eagle Eye"movie. What a great night. Some movies to get me off of the flop movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

This is a romantic comedy. Now, when I first saw that Greg Kinnear was in this movie, I knew I had to watch it. I love Greg, ever since the movie "As good as it gets".

This movie has an odd sense of humor to it. It has a touch of british humor to it. So, if you like british humor you should like this movie. I will have to say it is not all like that though.

A new comer to the screen for me anyway, some of you may have seen movies with him is a fellow named "Ricky Gervaris"

Notice is says Ricky Gervaris and not Ricky Bobby. :)

It appears as though Ricky is a writer for "The Office" which has an odd sense of humor as well.

I really like this guy.

Tea Leoni has a big part in this movie too. I like her better in comedy movies. Don't know how the rest of you feel. I think I live with or without her. I like the parts she plays but I don't rush out and buy the movies that she is specifically in.

This movie reminds me of a little of the movie "Heart and Souls" Do you remember? That was a funny movie too. Robert Downey, Jr. was a little hottie then too.

So there you have it. Another movie review. Hope you enjoy when you are all snowed in and the weather is just unbareable sitting next to the fire. This is a movie worth watching.


Sammanthia said...

I love Tea Leoni ever since the movie Family Man and I am a sucker for romantic comedies!