Sunday, May 31, 2009


My husband and I watch quit a few movies.

I have heard about the above mentioned movie "Taken" from a couple of people. When it came out in DVD I quickly picked it up.

I had no idea this movie would be such a dramatic action packed movie. I do not know much about Liam Neeson, but I do like him in this movie.

One of the reasons why I did not want to see this movie at first in the theaters is because my fear was exactly this. I would have to say that if my daughter showed up missed I would not have a clue where to start looking for her.

My daughter wants to be a model in France, thank God she is not tall enough to do that but she does desire to go over there to visit and learn about some fashion designers over there. Okay, I could go with her on that. Although, the French do not like Americans very well. Still scarey with everything going on in the world.

The movie "Taken"

is a very well worth the money for the DVD. I truely was on the edge of my couch on this one.

It starts off very slow and I really wanted to just smack the daughter, she played such a spoiled brat. I think that what happens sometimes with kids. They just don't know how good they have it until it is gone.

Alot of violence in this movie. Not really recommended for young eyes, I think I would have nightmares if I was little and watched this movie. I mean it is bad enough wondering about the people in your own neighborhood and cute ones at that. You just never know.

If you get a chance to see or purchase this movie, I would recommend watching this movie.

I really enjoyed watching Liam Neeson in this movie. I think he did a brilliant job. I like action movies when the actor doesn't have to speak much. LOL

Maggie Grace really was the first time that I have seen her in anything, looking at her bio she has been in alot of different TV shows.

So, if you do not have anything to do this upcoming weekend, try watching this movie.