Sunday, August 10, 2008

Creative Photography Contest #9 Fly Away

I had so much fun in the last photo contest and there are so many talented photographers out there. They really inspired me to start taking photos again. So, I thought I would try my hand at some different coloring filters on PhotoSuite.

My poor Sycamore Tree gets all stressed out from the Texas heat, normally in July. My front porch was covered with them the other day. I finally swept them all together and then played around with pictures. Here here you go.

The first picture:

Now, after the filters. This is what the leaves do on my front porch.

I apologize if the pictures are kind of small. I tried adjusting them. They wouldn't budge.

Hope you enjoy.

If you would like to check out some of the other pictures I suggest you do. They are awesome.

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Texas Travelers said...

Nice filter work.

Thanks for the visit.
That's a lot of miles on the AlCan Hwy.

Troy and Martha

leslie said...

I love that swirl effect - is it "furl">

pkay said...

Texas Travelers: Thanks! I know, it sure was alot of miles. We drove from Fairbanks to L.A. then from L.A. to South Carolina, then back to Wichita Falls, TX back through Atwater CA, up to Fairbanks, stayed for 8 months, then made the same route back down. We finally ended in Tuscon,AZ and now we live in Abilene, TX. We did see some beautiful country.

Leslie, it was done in PhotoSuite. Not sure what Furl is but I don't think so.

Thanks for stopping by both of you.

Daryl said...

Nice shot(s) ..thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck!


Sanni said...

The leaves are flying away - very cool idea.

You did a great job. Good luck!

Chica said...

I like the first one, what you did with the second is nice too. :)

Roger said...

Cool effects nice job! Thank you for your Creative Photography submission! :D

Raven said...

Nice. I love the swirl. Looks like you had fun doing it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, well done!
I love the swirl effect.

Patti said...

I like how the filter gave it an interesting swirl.

Good luck in Roger's contest!

Linda said...

Funny how just a pile of leaves can become a beautiful purple swirl like that!

Good luck in this week's contest!

pkay said...

Thanks Daryl for stopping by as well.

Thanks Sanni for the comments. I feel like the leaves represent my life sometimes. :)

thanks Roger for commenting and also thanks for having the contest. It has inspired my again.

Raven, I so did have fun doing it.
too bad the sycamore lets the leaves fall too early. It would be great for October.

Thanks Mish.

Thanks Patti and Linda for the comment. Can't wait to do more with the photos. I plenty more to play with.

Ralph said...

The swirly effects caught my eye. In the north, we get the swirly action of the leaves in November, but he foliage is brown...not as attractive of the colorful leaves in motion.

Looks much like an oil on canvas with violent strokes of the brush. Very nice!

Dianne said...

I love the swirl!

I'm like you, entering has motivated me to take more photos, to try different editing software and to just plain enjoy creating.

Liz said...

These are awesome pictures. Your grand kids are adorable . Keep up with the wonderful shots. Best Wishes

pkay said...

Ralph, thanks for the nice comment. I thought the swirl would give it movement. I do like the colors better than the ol brown stuff.

Diane -thanks, yes I am so glad use creative people sometimes need a little push and excitment to get going.

Liz - thanks for stopping by, unfortunately I don't have any grandkids yet. Those were my daughters when they were little. Someday I would like to be a grandparent just not yet. Yes, I plan on keeping up with the contest. I am having fun.

Bond said...

Interesting filter work...good luck