Tuesday, September 9, 2008

American Heart Association Walk

Hey everyone, I am so excited about participating in this year's Heart Walk on October 4, 2008. We walk a 5k and able to meet great people. I love this event.

I usually do this event but have not for the past couple of years. I don't know why. Being in the fitness field I believe in this cause whole heartdly.

Here is what the American Heart Association is for:

The American Heart Association is committed to fighting heart disease and stroke and raising awareness of these diseases. As part of our mission, we focus on specific causes designed to help people achieve a heart-healthy lifestyle. Each of our cause initiatives reaches out to the public with resources and information to help them take positive action.

So, I am putting together a team under my company. I am pleading with all my bloggers to view my team page and find it in your heart to donate for this worthy cause.

You can donate online and the minimum is $25.00 I am trying to raise just $2,000. Tax deductible too, but the main reason is to help someone who has had a stroke or heart attack and be able to give them resources to help them live a better life. Won't you help me.

Here is my link:

It is just that simple. Love you guys.

Thank you ahead of time.


Lynne said...

This is such a great cause and I commend you for your efforts.

pkay said...

Thanks Lynne for the nice comment.

Dr. Preston, MD said...

This is great. I think that educating patients and people in general about health issues is what we all -who are either in the medical field, nutrition, sports, etc- should do.

PS I followed your link from the Living Strong Blog. I really liked your comments there. Very positive.

pkay said...

Thank you Dr. Preston, Md. I enjoy reading your comments as well. I just love being in the fitness field. Eventually, we will get people moving and more active.

Anonymous said...

Hi pkay. Congratulations for promoting such a great event and for participating in it. I would love to do it with you but I guess we are kind of far away from each other.
Please don't forget to take pictures of the event and show them off in your blog. I would love to see all those positive people walking for a good cause.
Prop to you, friend.

Sam said...

GOOD FOR YOU! That's awesome, and it's definately for a good cause. My dad had a heart attack 2 1/2 years ago so I think it's an important cause.