Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whining Wednesday

As I sit here and try to remember the other day what the heck I was whining about, I am having one of those moments. The ol fart sindrome. CRS! That is so terrible and I am very young.

Oh yes, I still can't remember but as I was sitting on the throne just a moment ago, it darn on me what I could write about.

First of all, I was driving to a little town in Texas called Snyder to meet the people of whom I am going to be teaching a Personal Trainer class hopefully next week. As I was driving along, I really started noticing all of the Wind Energy Fan that are lining the once beautiful West Texas Landscape. They are freakin all over the place. Okay, so here is my question. WHY ARE MY ENERGY BILLS SO FREAKIN OUTRAGOUS? Can you please answer that question. Oh and here is another one. WHY IS MY ENERGY THAT I AM PRODUCING IN TEXAS GOING TO PEOPLE IN FLORIDA? I do not mind spreading the energy, but come on, are people's energy bill lower in Florida now because on the Wind Farms in Texas. Right!

I have some Ocean front property for you in Arizona.

Awe! Doesn't that look beautiful. Come everyone let's go. Let's get away from all this madness.

I mean come on people, I am really getting tired of this BS.

I stopped at the gas station there in Snyder, TX and paid $3.69 and guess what I was excited about that because it was lower that last week by about .50. What is the world coming to, if it is the end, then hurry up already.

Okay, just my two cents worth. Remember it is Wednesday and I just had to vent something.

Please don't get offended, I am all for saving energy but when it hits my pocketbook literally then I get a little upset.

This place looks worse than Idigo, California. I wonder what it looks like now, 20 to 30 years later.


Anonymous said...

Hi ! This is Lee, and I'm so glad to meet you. Thanks for visiting my space. I haven't added anything for a while - been working on getting my memoirs printed, and getting my six year old granddaughter into the first grade. I do hope you visit again, and I'm going to add you to my "favorites" too. I'm very familiar with your town - well, actually I-20. My son used to live in Midland, and, additionally we usually make at least one trip to the Alpine/Fort Davis area every year. This year we are spending Xmas on a ranch near Fort Davis.
Oh, although I'm (was) a pilot, I put my military time in the Navy.
Blessings to you

Anonymous said...

I'm not easily offended. Heh.
$3.69 a GALLON! Wowsah. I'm paying a little over $3, and even then I cringe when I fill up the tank!