Thursday, October 23, 2008

What to Write!

I tell you that I have been in a little slump lately. Actually, my life is a little boring right now.
I was in the process of looking at other people's post and such and it finally dawned on me what to write. Then, my caffeine has not kicked in and I received a phone call and my train has wrecked. I can not for the life of me think or remember what the heck I was going to write about.

Well, anyhow, I really hate Uncle Sam. I put an extension on my taxes because I really did not for one want to do them and secondly I knew I would owe the old man some money. Well, that time came last week and boy was I in a shock. What the heck am I going to do now. They say that some people really lose weight when they are depressed. I am wondering why in the heck I am not thin. Well, probably I just shake it off and go about my business and not worry about. I did however, cancel class that evening so that I could get the taxes mailed off. Don't know how I am going to pay but I got them mailed off in time. :) They said send a check. Okay, is there supposed to be money in the bank for that? Just kidding! Well, no check, because no money. Now what?

Still, can't think of what it is yet. Nothing has jogged my spaceful brain. Nothing up there to hold it there. I thought exercise was suppose to help in this area. What am I missing?

I am still waiting. You think I am kidding. I am literally sitting in my chair typing and nothing is coming. You know what. I think I will try again tomorrow. It is just not working. Meanwhile, why don't you enjoy some cute pictures.

Just one of our ducks (AFLAC) Okay we really have two ducks.

This is my baby. Sammie. She is just a sweetheart little girl. (12 inch Beagle)

She can't believe that Skylar is getting to eat and not her.

she is bored, I guess she decided to chase after the duck.

Oh, I finally remember what it was. I guess it will have to wait now until the next post. I should write it down, so that I can remember what it was.

Have a great day. Remember to go vote.


Kadir said...

Wow...Nice pictures of your pet. would you mind to permit me to use your beagle pup picture in my
site's pet gallery?
If so, Please mail me at kadirkumar at gmail dot com.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I like Beagles, they are so friendly and playful! Go get that Duck, Sammy!!!