Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Have Fire!

Yes, we have made fire in the backyard. I know, bunch of rednecks.

My girls wanted to make smores. What! I said, I think my hubby must have been drinking because the next thing I know, he is outside being Paul Bunin chopping on wood. HA!

He digs a little area and Wham we have fire! The air was quite chilly and so it worked really well. I think they were trying to get into the Halloween spirit. Now, where are those ghost.

So, after I finished working on my Red, White and Blue Turbo shirt and being the crafty mom that I am, I joined the group. Enjoy the pictures.
Now this one above looks freaky!

I thought Sam you might enjoy this too.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. My daughter and the guy standing are going to dress up as Batman and Batgirl. They look really good. I will have pictures of the exciting event. They are suppose to be off riding the scooter. Should be hilarious.


Sammanthia said...

Great pictures! The second one of the fire turned out awesome! Sounds like you had a good time... we don't have a fire pit, but we have a fireplace and we put it to good use in the winter... we roast hot dogs, marshmallows, and donuts ALL THE TIME! The kids love it!
PS I'm SO glad you left a comment... I thought I lost ya'... Bloglines wasn't working for me, so I switched to Google reader and had to start over. When I clicked on one of your older comments to get your site address it took me to "page not available". This one worked fine and now I can put you in my reader!

Beat Black said...

hahaha, I come from a place of true rednecks and I find this post adorable.