Friday, May 23, 2008

She works hard for the money!

Tell you what y'all, trying to make a living is freakin hard these days.

Just let me give you a run down of this week to catch you'll up in this crazy world of mine. Okay, the Monday blues, so on Monday I take my youngest daughter to school. I should make her start riding a bike to school with all the gas prices going up like the space shuttle. Holy Cow, what greedy politicians we have up in there. Well, you know what the Lord has to say about that, one who is greedy will fall, or something like that. I learned that from Dani Johnson. Let me tell you what, I am so happy to get my Christian Series audio program back. I have certainly missed listening to her. She is such a great motivator, that she is the reason for my hectic schedule this week. Sorry about that I tend to go off on many different ways, but that is my life and so I hope you all can keep up.

I drop her off at school, I stopped by to put some mo gas in the truck. I head off to Clyde, Texas, which is about 10 miles down the road. I measure some windows for this really nice lady. Did I mention that I install mini blinds for Lowe's? Well, okay that is one of the jobs I have also. I also teach at two local colleges in town, which we are on our summer break and I have to keep busy, cause if not, I would be big a my house. So, I go to measure her windows, and then she mentions to me, that Lowe's said to her that I could come back this afternoon to install them. What? Are they out of their freakin minds! Ughhh. I hate it when they do that. It is not like they are the only thing that I have to do. Well, it just so happens that I do have time that afternoon to go back. Well, okay let me tell you that I get $35.00 to go measure and then I do get some milage but not that much, which does not make any sense because, now Lowe's has decided to start charging twenty miles out of city limits. What, so that means I only got like no miles for that job which okay, I went out there drove back to Lowe's to drop off the measurements, they were supposed to cut them, I come back to pick them up and then drive back out to Clyde to install them and also put up a curtain rod for the lady at no charge, because I am a nice person. That was two trips of gas, that I did not get paid for. It used to be they would pay from the store to the person's house outside the city limits, but their cheap butts up in corporate who I am sure are living the good life while us peons are working hard for the little money that we get and trying to satisfy custmers. OH! lets not go there now.

I always take my youngest daughter with me (15years old, she has a blog coming soon too, check back and I will give you her blog site), she is always a great help to me and we have alot of fun going to these people houses. She is my analytical side of me. But she really pisses and moans so much, she really is a spoiled brat but I am her mom and I made her that way. I love her! I love my oldest too who moved back into the house (another story, she has a blog coming too. we call them twins, you will see what i mean) Ilove her much. Connor (my youngest daughter) tries to do everything for me and really just gets in the way, bless her heart though she is learning. It is like living with Mr. Jerkyl and Dr. Hyde or was it the other way around? Whatever! If any of you have a 15 year old you exactly what I am talking about.

So, we get the blinds in and then since the lady bought them off the shelf I knew they were going to be too long. Well, she asked me to shorten them, I told her it would be $17.50 a blind. She about choked, but hey you know what I have to make some money some where. Do you know how tedicious it is to shorten them things. They are a pain in the rear end or butt for some of you. So, I show her the steps because I am a nice person. Please don't call me. I know she will get them all screwed up. Hey it is not my house.

I have to get back to teach my class at my fitness studio, Thanks to my little friend Jen, she is teaching the Yoga class, so I have to just teach the Body Chizel class. This class starts at 6:30. So I go and teach just one person showed up. the summer time is so frustrating. All the of college students have gone back home.

That was Monday, so now Tuesday, shoot what the heck happened on Tuesday. I didn't have nothing to do with Lowe's. I just mainly got some stuff caught up like late Franchise tax done on the computer, went to pick my daughter up and then went and paid my late Business Appraisal crap, and did some cleaning of the house, made sure I watered my plants. I am so bad about that. I am really excited to get new plants and get them planted and then don't water them very often. I am really trying hard. I went and taught my Step with Salsa class at McMurry University and we had a great time. I had about ten in the class. All newbies. It really is just a nice cardio routine combined salsa with step. Lots of Mambos. I love it. Then I had to jet down to the studio to teach my older group of ladies. We do a total body workout using dumbbells. this group of ladies range from 40 to over 60 years old. check out their pics. They would kill me if they saw themselves. Why does everyone try to hide from pictures. I just love them. the class isn't on the original schedule. I added that class just for them, my friend Lynn who happens to be a massage therapist actually got a few of her clients and friends to come with her and made this group. Now, they all have to come even her or she will be calling them. I love her. Again, being the nice person that I am.

Wednesday was a busy day. I had to drive out to Cisco Texas do a measurement. Okay, it takes 45 minutes to get out there and 5 minutes to measure the windows. This is crazy. I did get milage out it though. Got the measurements in after I taught my morning class of ladies. My fitness studio is just for women. I love it. They are not intimidated because there are no men to watch them. Picked up my daughter and came home and watched the reality shows. Oh, I am a junkie. I watch "Tila Tequila", "Top chef", "A Rock of Love", "Flavor Flav", "So you think you can dance", "Step it up", "Workout", I watch the last episode of "Bad Girls" and I watch "The Real Houswives, both New York and Orange County. I have to tell you that I like the Orange County ladies much better. Maybe it's because I am from California. So, I will talk about those shows.

Went and taught my Yoga class and my body chizel class and then came home, spent time with the hubby. Oh, you didn't think I had a hubby. 22 years. Can you believe it. What is his name again. I love him, he really has been my rock and supporter through all of my bright ideas.

Thursday, went and taught a Yoga class down at a treatment center, oh I do this at 7:00 in the morning both on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday. I really want to make a nice Yoga video for those guys. I love it because I get to see new people everytime I go. I hate to see some go home, but I am glad that they get to go home. That means they are so much better. Good Luck to all of them, Okay, here is where the fun begins. I stopped by Lowe's after that to pick up the blinds that I need to install that afternoon. Well, I have to park down by commercial sales area because I have to sign for the blinds that I pick up in that area. I have to walk down all the way to the other side of the building in the back to find an instally salesperson who has to pull the blinds and take them to commercial sales. Well, noone to be found. I hate that. I tried to call them the day before so that the blinds would be ready, no one answered. Very frustrating. So, I pittle fart around the store looking for items for my studio. I finally find a person. The boxes that these little 4 blinds were in were ridiculous. Why levelor does that I do not know why, that means I have to put the seat down in the Avalanche (which is why I bought the truck) and it really is a pain in the butt. Why, because I always have so much crap back there, luckily I have been slowly cleaning it out. I have to get home take a shower and get ready to go to my web design class which was free by the way, thank SBDC. I go back home pick up my youngest and we head out to Novice, Texas. A place out in the middle of nowwhere. I really mean that, there is this house sitting on a little hill in this vast space of nothing, but cows, donkeys and the wind is blowing, which direction? I am heading into a headwind of course, great I should be in a tail wind when I start home. No, the wind shifted. the blinds go up perfect. There are days when I can get so frustrated at those things. People think they know how to measure. They don't. Want to know how to measure for blinds. Write at my e-mail address and I will tell, because I am a nice person.

After that, we head home and my youngest wants to stop at Kohls to find a bathing suit for next week when we go to Corpus Christi. Now, that I can wait. I love the ocean. We are thinking about moving down there next year. Who knows, we have too much crap and my bills are all late and we probably could not get a house and then I would be divorced because my hubby of 22 years would flip out. Oh, you don't know him, he is part Irish and German. Need I say more. No, wish I would have known that before I married him oh, and he is a Taurus to make matters worse. No pissing off my hubby. Well, we look only because I have no money. Connor gets all mad turns into Dr. Jeryl (or the mean one). Surprised she doesn't stomp her feet slapping that big bottom lip around. Ha! Maybe today I said. she really does need a new suit. She is not patient at all. Wonder where she gets that from. Both my girls are laid back but they both can flare up, just like their father. The nostrils start flaring, drooling at the mouth, oh it's horrible. Help me please.

So, now we have reached Friday, yes, just have to write this, go teach a class body chizel, I will get a picture of ladies for you to see. they are hilarious. I love them too. They are committed, and again no one under 40. well Sam comes and she is 20 something. She is a great girl.

So, more on the Lowe's issue and much more to come on my reality shows and comments. I cant help it. I am a junkie.