Saturday, May 24, 2008


Okay, here is the deal. I am so freakin frustrated and a little upset. I am in the business of fitness along with several other projects, but fitness is my thing. I think I look pretty good for 40 something. I can't even remember how old I am, but I do know I am 40 something. I have two beautiful daughters who reminds me how old I am.

The reason I look good is because I workout. Now, I am no Jackie Warner or Rebecca, someday maybe if I just stay away from those simple sugars. I live for those. BAD! BAD! Bad girl I am. I know exactly what I need to do and I have no, yep none whatsoever to whip back and work a little harder. Have you seen my work schedule? Okay, go take a look at my schedule at and you will see the classes that I teach and that is not all of them. I teach one right now for the summer at MCM University and a little Yoga class for a treatment center.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have my own studio. They know the schedule and they are always saying I wish I looked at good as you but I am going to go on this FAD diet. Ughhhh, it is so frustrated.

So, I have three classes set up on Saturday, which is today. A nice Yoga class to get you going in the morning and have a productive day. A little hip hop class for the younger group and then finally something sexy for the older group, a striptease class. Yup, you read that correcly.
So, why doesn't anyone want to come have fun and burn a few calories. Look here is a tip, you are not going to take off the fat in one day. Did you put it on in one day? I think not. What do you have to do to take it off. Get off your duff and hit the outdoors or go to a group exercise class and layoff those simple sugars, like cookies, cakes, sodas. If you live in Abilene, Texas and you are a women, come by the studio. I don't bite but I can give you a workout. Listen, "A year from now you'll wish you had started today." Ain't that the truth, a year from now you will being saying and whining about the same issue. I am fat, I want to look like you. Ugh, so I waste my time going up to the studio, only to have no one, not one person show up this morning. What is with these people here? Too many places to go eat that is what the problem is. Too many places to eat and too many churches. God wants you to get moving and take care of the temple he has provided for you. Your body, not the Church.

So, what should I do you all. I just don't now what more I can do.