Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exercise Videos

I would say that I am pretty much an expert on exercise videos. I have such a library full of videos that I use with my fitness classes.

Today, I will talk about the Body Bar Videos. Now, you know you have too many videos when you go to a fitness conference and can't remember if you have that video you are looking at. That is exactly what happened to me. I love the body bar series videos, one because I love the presenters in the video and second I will buy the video based on the exercises. So, as I was looking for another video I came across this one which looked different. I bought it, when I got home I found that I had another one. What did I do, I gave it to my friend who teaches classes. From now on, I will have to take a list of the videos that I have so that I won't buy them twice. You this is not the first time that this has happened. I went to the bookstore and I always look in the exercise section and I found another lady whom is very good and I have a tape of hers too. Well, the packaging looked different and more interesting only to find out it is exactly same as the one I already have. What? You have got to be kidding me. Different packing, but same exercises. Oh well, what is a girl to do. Okay, back to the first video I was talking about.

Mindy Mylrea is such an awesome lady. I have come to know Mindy by attending the conferences that they have in Dallas. She is a ball of energy and her exercises are totally challenging. When you can master some of her exercises that is really saying something. She has so much core strength it is ridculous. The video that I like best with her in the Body Bar video is Power and Grace. In this video, Mindy uses the body bar and her new gliding disc, (which is a whole other novel).

I actually do these exercises with my older women group classes and they do not like them at all, but afterwards they thank me for a great workout. This video causes you to workout on your flexibility and core strength. Violet and Kelly as back up babes, they show all the modifications which is always a plus.

You want a great workout, try this video. The name of the video is Power and Grace, Strength and Conditioning featuring Mindy Mylrea.