Saturday, July 19, 2008

Which One Am I?

Which one am I?

I feel like Sammantha from the Brower family in which her title was "Eau de toilete" What the heck is that? I am confused. Which gender is that? Which one am I suppose to go into?

Here I go letting the whole world know what a lame brain person I can be. Did I tell you that my eyesight is going crazy. Somebody is really going to have to watch me. I am freakin losing it.

So, we went to Sam's Club yesterday. Okay, for those of you who don't have a Sam's club, it is like a Costco or any warehouse place that you can purchase items in bulk. For me, it is a bigger Wal-Mart. Well, I don't know if any of you have ever thought about the restrooms when you go shopping. It seems like I have to leave my mark wherever I go, usually it's because I have just eaten. Well, yesterday we went to get my friend's tires rotated on his vehicle and so we decided to go cruise the store. I did have a few items that I had to pick up.

I had to go use the restrooms. So, I left my daughter and my friend at the tire counter and proceeded to make my way to the restroom. Now, most of the stores, malls and restuarants I have been to the Ladies restroom is toward the right. Should I say they are marked "Women" and "Men" which is pretty distinctable you would think. We are such creatures of habit. Like I mentioned I preceeded to make my way to the right like I always do and I just glance up at the sign, maybe I didn't, can remember if I did or not now. I am losing it. Okay, so I walk in the stalls are on the left like normal, the sink to wash your hands is on the right. Okay, I'm good.

I went into the stall and laid down my purse because they did not have a hook at the top, which I thought was strange. No worries. I did my thing. I come out of the stalls and happen to see a guy over in the corner to my left and thought to myself "that is odd, what is he doing in here?" So, I washed my hands like I always do and wondered to myself, "Oh he must be changing the baby" which again I thought a little strange, but they must not have changing tables in the men's restrooms. Why wouldn't they though? Men have to change diapers sometimes when mom is not around or whatever. I pay no mind. He comes around the corner and proceeds to wash his hands. Luckily I was done with mine and headed out of the restroom. As I headed out, I thought to myself to check the sign on the door because you know I have done this before and "BAM" wouldn't you know it. I had gone and did my thing in the Men's Restroom.

Talk about feeling stupid and I just had to laugh at myself. I get out of the restroom and my duaghter and my friend said "What did you do" I told them that I had just gone in the men's restroom. They both said "No Way" That is funny!

She justs needs to know, both of them that they can not stick me in a old folks home, because no tellin what I am going to do.

Hope you got a good laugh. Like I said, it was not my first time.


Anonymous said...

That is HILARIOUS! It totally sounds like something I would do! I call myself a "Redneck Rerun of I Love Lucy", I'm always embarrassing myself, unfortunately in public.
Thanks for the laugh!