Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tea Pots Sitting on a Fence

Here is to Edge of Insanity. I love Sam's writing. She has a knack for writing and I enjoy reading her blog. She has a way of making me recall certain things that I have seen in my travels.

Here is to you.

Now, Sam talks about living in HillyBillyVille. I would like to know exactly where that is. I talk about it all the time. But Sam, have you ever seen this?

Okay, so this lady I am assuming collects tea kettles/pots, but she must have too many in her house that she decided to line her fence with them. Here is a closer look.

So, what do you think? Hope you can see them.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That makes Daryyl's yard look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens! The woman's yard is in the dictionary of the definition of "tacky".
Thanks for the laugh!

maria said...

i can just imagine the inside of the house, lol.

pkay said...

Maria, me too! Girl, I have been in some houses with my job and they make my house look great. I was in a house today that had spiders and spiderwebs in the windows that I was measuring. Whew! Stuff all over the place.

pkay said...

Hey Sam, thought that would make your day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a garage sale :)