Saturday, November 1, 2008

What is Wrong with This Picture?

Who says that we can't all just live together?

I used to watch the Tom and Jerry show (cartoon) and I totally love it. I still do and I think the mouse is just so cute. Well, the mouse is always teasing the cat. The cat is always trying to out smart the mouse. Right!

Okay, in the Sylvester and Tweetie cartoon, the cat is always trying to get the bird. The bird is always teasing the cat.

Well, not in my house. Take a look.

Here is my sweet 12 inch beagle sleeping with my daughter on one side of the bed and the cat on the other side. All is good at night time. :)

Here is my Tweetie and Sylvester. Ed (the parrot) was not even upset that the cat was near. The cat (snowflake) was sitting on my lap just moments ago before the picture.

Now, tell me we can' t all live together.

I thought about bringin the duck in (Aflac) to sit and poop all over me for a Kodak moment. I was voted against that moment.

Oh! such happy time at my little West Texas Redneck House. What next.


Sammanthia said...

What cute pictures! You've got a full house... Mark took the kids to the pet store yesterday and I sat on pins and needles the entire time they were gone wondering what he was going to some home with!

N. Lee Aper said...

Hey, my friend, don't worry about having 'writer's block'. It happens. At my age it happens a lot. LOL. Actually, when I sit down to add to my blog, I may have only a subject in mind. I just start typing and . . sometimes I'm amazed at what comes out! LOL. My wife and I used to raise Border Collies (now there is a breed of dog that's smarter than some people! One day the new mama cat was having kittens and didn't know what to do. So, Duchess, the Border Collie to the rescue. She calmed the mama cat down, and then cleaned up each of the kittens as soon as they were born. When the kittens were a bit older, Duchess used to "herd" them underneath the kitchen table.
I have a lot of the most interesting stories about Duchess.
Oh, btw, here's waving at you when my wife and I pass through your town about 12/23 on our way to a ranch near Fort Davis. The ranch HQ is just in the shadows of McDonald Observatory. (But, I hope to talk to you again before then).
Take care.
L e e