Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being Thankful

As I sit here contemplating on what to write and what to be thankful for, I went to lot of blogs today. I read a few blogs and some I just dopped a card on. You know how you come across a blog and you read it and you think I really like that one and have to remember where and what the heck name it was and try to retrace your tracks on how you found it in the first place. Very annoying, so what I decided to do was to really go back to all my FAV blogs and see what they were up to.

My first stop was Live Strong and Happy. Dr. Castro is such an awesome person and I don't know her but I just love reading your blogs. She is always so positive and she makes me laugh. Like the post she just did on Russia wanting Alaska back because of Sarah Palin. That is too funny, but she does have a point. I totally forgot that Alaska is just on loan. So, why on earth do we get to call it one of our states? Well, don't know that I am thankful for that because I did spend 4 miserable years up there freezing my fat butt off, which I have totally found since then. I could have gone somewhere else like Hawaii for four years, why couldn't I have gotten that assignment? Thanks Russia!

Then, I hopped on over to my friend C.C. Almon's blog . That girl is more of a geek than me. She is always at a computer, she has got like 500 blogs, how in the world does she keep it all straight. I am Thankful that I only have 3 blogs, plus 2 Myspaces, 1 website, a facebook site and an Arbonne site. I can't even keep track. Oh! I forgot, I have a cafepress site and a cafemom site. Oh, just one more I just thought about. BeachBody site. C.C. is always so uplifting on her site too. I just love going to her site and seeing what is for dinner. Also, C.C. has been using a stepometer and trying to reach her goal on getting in her steps walked. You go girl.

Next on my list to go see was Edge of Insanity by Sammanthia. She is really funny. She reminds me of my friend in town. She really think about writing some books. I would definitely buy any books she writes. I love her blog. She has a really neat family too. I am thankful for my great family too. I just love them. I totally would be lost without them. Sam took her son out to a movie and a bunch of popcorn. Got to have popcorn when watching movies. Have you ever gone to dinner and feel like a fat cow and can't eat another bite until you go into the movies and you have to have the popcorn. I love movie popcorn so much that I have my own popcorn machine at the house.

Heading over to Jamie's site and found some neat photos. I can tell Jamie likes to take pictures. she is really good at that too. Jamie is going through some tuff times and I wish her the best. I am thankful for my friends, and I am thankful to Jamie for coming to my StripTease classes. She always seems she was having fun.

My very good friend Holly has a neat website and very informational. She definitely inspires me with all the detailed information that she gives to me. I love talking to her face to face too because she is full of the Lord. Very faithful person. I love her. She can tackle several different projects at once alot better than I can. I am thankful that she gives me hope and aspires me to be a better faithful person.

The next fav blog is about a really cute couple. I stopped by her blog one day and I just fell in love with how at a young age she has been all over the place. She is so positive. I just love having positive people around. She always holds her head up high. Steph and Ben are a great couple. She has posted a great recipe too. Looks good for the upcoming dinner. Differently a great post.

I dropped by Connected 2 Christ and it is so cute with the holiday theme. She has some really neat holiday picks and the most important thing of all is that she points out the God does love us. Hop on over to her site if you get a chance during the break before football.

Lee is the lastest blogger to follow me and I have to tell you if you want to read some really good stories this blog has it all. Lee's Senior Moments is so much fun to read and has some really awesome links to other good sites. I am thankful for Lee for dropping by every once in a while. Lee I do enjoy your stories.

I love Reality TV and I just so happened to come across a site who truly keeps up with them all. I just don't know how because man, there are so many Reality TV shows around anymore, that I just can't keep up with them all unless they have a marathon on or something. I am thankful for all the marathons so that I can catch up. Thanks to this blog I can, I don't get to hop over there too much, but I like it.

Along with Reality TV I love fitness and 5 Minutes for Mom tells us how to put the Turkey down and be thankful for our bodies. Thankful that I can walk, do jacks, push-ups and to use my mind. Thank you 5 minutes for Mom, thank was some great information. They are having a Christmas five away.

If I love snow I would definitely would live in Colorado or Montana. Blogging Us is a great blog for showing us all about Colorado. I love the stories that come from this blog. I haven't visited them too much lately along with everyone else, but I do like dropping by and seeing what she is writing about. Go check them out too.

I am a jack of all trades. I have an interest in photography and interior designing. I found this really cool site in decorating. This site is called Desire to Inspire, this blog is really cool. I know I use that word alot. Very inspiring and gives me lots of ideas to bring either into my studio or my own home. I think it is a site to take a look at.

So there you go, some of my favorite blogs and I am Thankful that they inspire me to do more and take action for whatever it is.

To all the bloggers, keep writing and keep giving us information on yourself so that others can be inspired just like I have.


Sammanthia said...

Thanks! You're so sweet!
I'm ashamed to say sometimes I go to the movies just for the popcorn... Orville's movie theater butter just doesn't do it for me! I'm trying to talk Carter into seeing For Christmases but he's still reeling from HM3. Poor kid.
Hope you had a great holiday!