Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Feeling Sick! :(

Well, I am not really sick like flu or bug or anything with me physically.

Okay, Sunday was a good day. I was able to update my other blogs and put pictures on them on the web from my computer.

Last week, I had a friend of mine check out my computer and he found 10 viruses on the darn thing. He did not find anything on my external hard drive which was good because my whole life was on that hard drive. Did you happen to notice that I said "WAS"

Well, I just don't know, there I was sitting and typing and getting ready to print out some registration forms that I need for my studio when I double click like normal and it gave me an error. "Can't find path" WHAT? I know it is in there, I can see it. You stupid computer, why can't you find it. It is right there.

So, I thought, well maybe since I plugged in the external hard drive in after I booted the computer up, so I did a reboot. Well, now the stupid computer can't even find my external hard drive, well no I take that back. It found the hard drive but the disk is not formatted. "Would you like to format the disk", it keep asking. Well, OK! Then it gives me a warning that if I format it, I will lose all my data. Well, I LOST ALL OF MY LIFE! GONE! LIKE A BLINK OF AN EYE! POOOOOF! By this time I am furious.

A soccer ball is the last thing I want to be kicking, but I thought it said it. Finally, I said Ok, go ahead, since ALL MY DATA IS GONE ANYWAY! Hence the touch of anger i built up. So, I click yes, what! another error. "Sorry, the disk can not be formatted because of something stupid. I can't even remember what it said I was so mad.

Four years of my life, just gone like that. WTF! I now have to recreate everything. Okay, for some you geeks out there. I do not have a mirror drive. That drive was messed up too a while back, so I am totally working off one main hard drive and now a new external hard drive I had before to put in another computer. Oh, by the way, my external hard drive that I bought will not work in the computer I have because it does not have the same connectors.

You know it really could be worse. I think I need some chocolate or just a really good alcohol beverage. No, cause I have to go teach. For my birthday next week, I am having a good stiff drink. I think I deserve that. Yea ME!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that, really. It's so horrible when our computers go down on us, isn't it? Yes, it feels like your life is almost gone!
Virtual communication is so important in our lives now days that we really need all these gadgets to keep on going, to learn, to communicate with the world, etc.
I just hope that everything works out OK for you and, if you are going to have a drink....may I suggest a Margarita?

Sammanthia said...

Just for that, I think you need the entire bottle!
I'm having issues with my computer, too, but with us it's just a matter of finding the right fan. I would DIE if I lost everything, when I think of all the pictures I have stored on the computer, I cringe a little thinking I could lose them. Oy.

suedonim16 said...

Isn't it funny how computers have become a necessity nowadays? I'd be devastated too if my PC crashed.

Btw, thanks for dropping by. :)