Monday, June 2, 2008

Vacation, everyone needs one.

Well, let me tell you something, everyone needs a vacation. Take time out to really enjoy the beauty of the land. God's creation. You will be amazed of the spiritual revision that comes over you. I experienced this first hand. I have been really overcomed with some worries and just getting by, well, not really getting by. I have credit people calling and electric people trying to turn off the electricity and you name it they are calling. I have one calling right now as I type this. Ugh! Don't they understand, I have no money. Okay, so both my husband and I are really trying to make it with our own businesses. Somewhere along the lines, stuff got out of wack. The road is very rocky right now. I find myself digging out of a hole everyday. Just when I think I am making progress, something else happens, the hole gets bigger. I know some of you are in the same boat.

I have been turning to the Word and really finding my way back. So, I go on vacation with the family and have an awesome time. We went to Corpus Christi. Awe, what a pleasure to be down by the ocean and listening the waves coming to shore. The breeze was such a blessing. The power of the waves and the sun shining overhead really brought it all to heart. What my meaning in life was about. Who really brought into this world. I walked the beach everymorning and sometimes in the afternoon after I got bored laying out in the sun. I am really feeling great, no worries, no bills to pay, and no phone calls. This is really the way to live.

Padre Island is the place to go. Seems like people are just really friendly when they get next to God's creation. We went to the USS Lexington and had a little history lesson from the hubby and the next day we went over the the Aquarium to see the amazing sea creatures. This little vacation really just cleared my head. I kept thinking about the Psalms that I was learning before I left. Psalms 123. I kept lifting my eyes to the heavens and really thanking Him everyday for this beautiful place.

Then all of a sudden, I am slapped in the face with reality as we head home and the phones calls started and find out I do not have a paycheck waiting for me. What, now what am I going to do. I have checks bouncing and bills I have to pay. Now what? Well, I just leave to God's hands now and keep pressing on installing blinds for Lowe's and teaching my fitness classes.

I have to say, that I loved every minute with my husband and my two girls. What a nice family bonding time we had and much needed. We work really hard. We forget to really cherish each moment we have with each other. Everyone needs a break, I highly recommend it. Someday, I hope in the near future that I will be able to travel the world. It is on my things to do before I kick the bucket. HA! What a great movie.