Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where does the Time Go?

I have been so consumed with this blogging thing. I sit at the computer and next thing you know it is time to call the cows home for dinner. Ha :) No, not really calling the cows home, but it is pretty darn close.

I feel like a big ol heffer sitting at this computer wasting my eyes away trying to make out what the small print says. I have to put my Michael Kors glasses on, yes that is right I do own a pair of Michael Kors glasses. I need to wear them, they costed me my arm and my good leg.

So, where does the time go? Well, I teach a summer class at 9:00 a.m. at the HSU and then right from there I go teach my Body Chizel class at the studio. Then it is time to grab a bit to eat and then I should be working out to my Power 90x, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I then hop on the blog to write and read people's post. I love reading about other peoples lives. I can so relate to most of them. By the way, I should have thrown in some laundry in, but I hate doing laundry like my friend over at This is a cute blog.

Next thing you know fours hours have wasted away and my head hurts from all the reading.
The hubby comes home and I should have made him dinner, but no. It is time to go teach Yoga and a body chizel class again. I come home around 9:00 p.m. to maybe catch up on my e-mails again and hit the hay. Wow, the day is done. Did I drop any cards? I probably did. Should I have done my taxes, no because I am busy blogging and trying to make some money here. I am struggling people.
No good reality shows are left to watch only at night after I come home and then realized I am missing them. I remember Project Runway, Top chef, Ice Truckers, Shear Genius, and now I have to watch Diddy's new show. Oh I forgot about Randy Jackson's Dance Crew. I must still get my 8 hours of sleeping. I am worn out by the end of the day. Can you blame me. Geeeez.

My two daughters are just sucking all the oxygen in the house anymore. Won't lift a finger to do anything, but when it is time to eat they come running or they are calling and asking"What is for dinner?" Cook something yourself, you are old enough, I am trying to blog here!

Here is how I feel.

Remember the phrase "Calgon Please take me away?" Let me know how you feel! :(


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention "The Two Coreys"... I love that show!
It's my dirty little secret.

Anonymous said...

I love this post, I say this all the time: "Where did the day go?!"
Very funny and so true.

pkay said...

Okay Browerfamilyof5, it will be our little secret. I heard you like "The Suite Life of Zac and Cody" I know when my 15 year old is watching that show, I can hear her laugh all the way in the den. She repeats everything they say.

Mish, thanks for the comment. If this keeps up the Sundays will be Mondays and so on.

Jennifer said...

I totally know how you feel. And thank you for including me in that post that was a great suprise.

pkay said...

Just helping a fellow blogger out. thanks for the comment.

cardiogirl said...

Oh yeah, I remember Calgon Take Me Away. I wonder how I would have responded to that if I was a 40-year-old mother of three *back then* instead of the 10-year-old I really was.