Friday, July 18, 2008

All up in my Business.

Once you get to know me then I am a very loving and generous person, but until that day comes please try and not get all up in my business.

Let me tell you a little story that happened yesterday. As some of you know I am professional installer for Lowe's Home Improvement. Why? Well, one cause I can do it and two it helps pay the bills. I enjoy doing it, I meet alot of really nice people and then I have met some people and wonder why on God's green earth are they here. Okay, I should be nice, it is the Christian way. Whatever! In general most everyone is pretty nice.

I go into Lowe's to drop off a detailed measurement of some windows I just finished measuring. Okay, I told you back in the "Tips on Measuring Blinds" that you can not just take one measurement of the windows even if the windows are all suppose to be the same size. Because of sheetrock and mud and paint and if the contractor was drunk that day, the windows are going to be off. I have seen windows up to a 1/2 inch bigger or smaller from one side of the window to the next. Do me a favor and save yourself a headache and get someone in there to measure or read my blog so you will know how to do it.

Okay, sorry got side tracked. Anyway, my daughter and I go into the install sales office to turn in a copy of the measurements to them (always keep a copy of anything for yourself, people tend to lose things). In walks this man, hair kind of spiked up dressed in kacky pants and a nice shirt, you know the type, a never sweat. He sees my daughter and I and of course I am just working around there like I own the place, which in my world I do, and they need to know who is in charge.
So, then he kindly asked me "Is everything Okday?" Well, yeah!

"Who are you with?"
I kindly reply with a puzzled look on my face, like who the hell are you look. I am with such in such.

"Oh, so you are the one in charge of the operation?" UH, no, I am in charge of myself.
All this time I am not even looking at him. Rude, I know, but who is he again? (Donald Trump?) Don't thinks so, don't know at this point and don't really care.

Then, my friend, who happens to be the install sales manager speaks up, cause he can see that this might turn ugly. He says "Oh Penny, have you met ?" Out of respect I should leave his name out of this. He tells me his name and immediately I know who he is. I say "Hi, how are you?"

The man leaves the room for a few moments. We all just started laughing, because he was the region manager for the install sales department.

I mention to my friend, "If I had known that I probably would have been a little nicer to the guy." You noticed I said probably. No, he is a dreeb. I have no use for the man. I do my job and get the heck out of the store anymore. Most people are too bone idle to do their work and I have no use for them. I get my work done and press on to other things. I don't have time to make chit chat. I am a talker sometimes only when I am in the mood. Only at BUNCO.

Then, this man comes back into the room, still trying to make conversation, asking me again "If I run the operation?" He now knows who my hubby is who is also an installer for Lowe's Home Improvement store. Asks me "If I am in charge of my hubby?" Well, of course being a woman, i immediately tell him of course I am in charge of my hubby, it has taken me 22 years and the man still does not listen to me. Hey, but I love him, he helps to keep me straight too. So, why is this guy all up in my business. He really should try and mind the store's business, because it's one falling apart.

So, if you ever happen to see me, introduce yourself first and don't just start talking. I converse better when I know your name. :) I love people, I do, but I do have a hardness to me at first and then I am way too nice once I know you. You make a friend in me and I am loyal forever. That is me.