Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lake Brownwood Weekend.

I can not beleive it. We went to Lake Brownwood and back with no damage. No fighting, no yelling, no drunk behavior, no stabbing in the leg, no rope getting broke and slapping in the face and no damge to the already damaged vehicle. :) I would say it was a pretty good weekend.

There is always a BUT! No, not the big butts running around the lake who thought they looked good in their skimphish shorts and bikini bottoms, but the but that means something always happens. I love adventure, I love the heart, and I love being around any kind of water. It is just a soothing creation.

We decided to leave on a little 4th of July weekend. You know the type that we celebrate the birth of America's Independence. Well, actually it was the signing of Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776 from the Kingdom of Great Britian. Did you know that the legal separation from Great Britian was actually on July 2nd, 1776, but the final approval for a rewritten statement was in is known as "Declaration of Independence" which was actually finalized on July 4th. Very interesting I thought. Sounds much better saying July 2nd as the national holiday.

Some friends of ours, well actually our business partners for Texas Living Custom Homes have a boat that they hardly use. They had planned on taking the boat down to Lake Brownwood just to get away from our usual hustle and bustle in the big town of Abilene. The Lake down in Lake Brownwood is really huge. We decided to go ahead and go. Since it was last minute it was hard to find a good hotel to book. We found one for cheap. Heard of the saying "You get what you pay for" and that is the truth and nothing but the truth. HA.

It only takes a little over an hour to get down to Lake Brownwood. We decided to leave later that day. My hubby and I decided to go to lunch. We invited our two girls, why? I don't know but maybe because we love them and they are truly great girls. They make us laugh I will they you that. They are like twins but so opposites. They are truly amazing and they have their whole life in front of them to grab. Go get it girls. Oh, we ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, my hubby's favorite place to eat. Well, I am not sure if it is the place to eat or that he just likes going in there for the beer. We of course know all the waitresses there and they really hook us up when we go there. Like I said, Brownwood is just an hour down the road.

Anyway, back to Lake Brownwood. I am not even packed yet either. I have no gumption to get moving either. We were just chillin at BDubs.

We finally hit the road around 3:00 and get down there, check into our redneck hotel. Okay, first of all, you know how you first get in the room and it is freezing? Well, not. It was like a sauna in there. This of course is not going to work for the hubby. He can't stand it being hot. I on the other hand, sleep much better when it is hot. He calls down to the desk and the lady says turn the thing off and wait and then turn it back on (AC) it should start cooling off. He did and it seemed to be working okay. So, meantime, we headed off to catch up with our friends at the other hotel. The Hampton Inn. This is a freakin nice 5 star hotel. Well, compared to ours it sure was. No wonder they never have any money. HA Very nice indeed. We take off to go to eat at a redneck restaurant. They have good food there. We decided to sit outside because we have the twins girls and a 13 year old with us. The girls play on the fort.

My daughter goes into the restaurant to ask for citrusnella candles (sp) and the bartender or who ever says no they don't have them anymore. Well, someone guy at the bar decided to make a rude comment. He says "Well that is what they get for sitting outside." My daughter comes outside and tells her dad. Okay, my hubby is a british redneck, and asked my daugther who is was. So, later I have to go to the restroom and they all follow me inside. My hubby asked my duaghther what guy it was and he confronts him. Oh Boy, I was just praying that I wasn't going to hear any commotion while I was doing my thing. It was all good, the guy just denied everything like we knew he would. We ate too much. Felt bad all night.

We get back to the hotel and the room still was not cool. We called for another room. The air was not on in this room, so we turned it on and finally cold air came out. It really took have the night to get cold in there. I could hear my hubby tossing and turning all night. Let me tell you he is not the quiet person around. Wakes everyone up in the process because he is miserable. Ugh!

We had a little breakfast the next morning, of course we get there late and all the hash browns or gone, the bacon is gone, but we made good for what was left. Hey, you snooze you lose. We head for the lake. What a great day it was. No fighting, no screaming and no crying. Life is good on the boat. We towed the kids around on the lake on the tube. Shoot, I won't go on that thing. I am really scared of speed unless it is on a roller coaster and I am scared of heights. Can't help it, I really like being in control of myself. Weird, I know. that is me. I just took video and pictures of everyone else.

Me and my fat cheezy grin. I am much darker now. Plus I have raccoon eyes.

Connor (my daughter), then little Ali and her mom. Look at that supermodel pose. Connor is going to make it one day. You go girl, always giving that model pose.

The day has ended for us. They rest of the crew went back out to catch the fireworks.

Okay, I thought you might enjoy a little video of the tubing action. You will find my hubby and little Maddie. Now, Maddie is only 6 years old. She is rockin people. She loves this thing. How can she keep holding on. I bet those triceps of hers are solid.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, that tubing video brought back memories. Before we moved to Hillbilly-ville, we lived 15 minutes away from Lake MI, and we used to go tubing and skiing all the time. The kids still miss it...
Looks like ya' had fun!

pkay said...

It was fun to watch everyone, while I drank my Mike's Lemonade.

Anonymous said...

I think most of my das's fights. Yes, I do mean physical altercations happened at the lake. (because someone said something to me or my mom) One time when I was very small like 4 I was steering the boat and some big meanie head cut me off. Yeah, that did not end well. time.