Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tips on Measuring Blinds

It has been a pretty good week after coming off of vacation. It is always hard to get back in the grove of things. I came back off of vacation only to find out that I did not have a paycheck waiting for me, but I did have quite a few faxes from Lowe's to go do some measurements and install a few blinds.

Let me give you a few tips I have learned doing this installs for Lowe's. I learned first that no two windows are exactly the same. Okay, even if your windows appear to be the same you still need to measure all the windows that you intend to get blinds for. One reason is that the sheetrock and the sheetrock mud can be different on each window. I have found some windows be at least 1/4" to 1/2" different. Here is how to measure windows for inside mount:

1. Measure the width at the bottom of the window sill. Also, decide whether or not you would like to have the blinds set flush with the sill or set back toward the window itself. This really does make a difference.

2. Measure the width at the middle of the window.

3. Measure the width at the top of the window.

4. Take the smallest measure to the nearest 1/8"

I would make a suggestion that if you are not able to read a tape measure without the fractions on it, you can purchase a tape measure with the fractions on it. The tape measures have the 1/8" marking on it. A very good investment. I have one and I love it.

Next you want to take the measure for the length.

1. Take the measurement on the leftside of the window again, measure if you want flush or if you want it set inside.

2. Take a measurement in the middle of the window.

3. Take a measurement to the right side of the window.

Now, it depends if you want the blinds to sit nice and flush to the window sill or not. I like to take the longer of the three measurements so that the blinds sit on the sill. I have found that some window sills are a little warped. So, if you take the shorter measurement then you might have the blinds swinging back and forth.

That is pretty much it. Then you want to take those measurements into your place of choice to give to your person who is going to order the blinds for you. Remember to tell them for this type of measurement that it is for an inside mount.

Come back I will let you know how to know if the blinds you are looking for work for your window.