Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Friendly Neighbor

For weeks, I have been patiently waiting for my little friend to come by. My century plant has had it beautifully delicious flowers for weeks now. I know my little friend has been waiting extremely long for them to bloom. So, where has he been?

I saw him the other morning finally. I was so excited. I love it when they come unannounced and have a bit to eat on my century plant out in front of my house. So, once I saw him I thought I would capture the moment for you all. Are hummingbirds hard to photograph? Well, I think so since they come and go so quickly.
I wait with persistence. I finally saw him again the next morning, while I was sitting outside on my swing drinking my coffee. I was estatic upon his arrival that I could not contain myself. I knew I had to move slowly to grab the camera. Now, I have taken a pic of a hummingbird before. Since, this was at sunrise and since I am reaching that age of not being able to see like a hawk anymore, the picture maybe be a little blurry. The is only because this is how I see everything anymore. Ugh! Getting old sucks!
Here is a picture of a hummingbird when I really could see. It was about 5 years ago. I am thinking that is the last time I was at my mom's house in California. Sad, I know but true. It is really far to drive out there. 20 plus hours. I have no time anymore or money for that matter.

Pretty Cool. These hummingbirds are like kids, they don't like to stop and smell what they are eating. LOL They don't like to stick around very long either. So, when you get a chance to capture it, it is very exciting. That is why I like the new blog that I found. You have to check it out. I am excited about keeping track of her boys.
Anyhow, back to my friend.

Look at this picture where the hummingbird actually lands on the stem. Awesome!

Now, here is a pic of my friendly little guy coming to taste the sweet flowers of the century plant. Well, we call them century plants. Martha Stewart will probably call them something else. When I smelled the flowers I did not smell anything, all I got was a nose full of pink die. Looked like I have been snorting something.

I am glad I had that beautiful trailer in front of the house to help with the background. LOL

Hopefully, I can get some better photos later.
Hope you enjoyed.