Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight

OMG! I just love Heath Ledger. It was such a tradegy to lose him.

My friend went to the store at midnight to buy this movie. He had seen it at the theaters several times, my youngest has also seen it several times, my husband went and saw at the theater with them two and my oldest saw the movie. What the heck was I doing, that I missed all the fun?

So, my friend went out of town this last weekend and I mentioned, Good, I can borrow the movie while he was gone so I thought. He said "Well, I am planning on taking it so that that the girls can watch it."

"What" I said with disappointment, knowing darn well, that they were going out partying, and I was not invited. They are not going to watch that movie. "Fine, doesn't matter, I will go buy it myself when I am out." I told him.

I bought the movie and my husband and my daughter and I all sat at home on Friday night and watched this hyped up movie.

I so loved the very first batman they did with Michael Keaton. I love him too. He is just too cute. He looks the same, but he made a great lookin Batman. Why couldn't batman come to my house?

Then, George Clooney had to get in the act and I liked him (but Michael has a place in my heart) with Batman and Robin. Can't know for the life of me remember who was in Batman Forever, Oh I just remember, I think it was Val Kilmer. Yes, he did a great job, but it did not really interest me.

This Batman however, was really awesome. I loved everything about it. It had a great story line and yes, it was dark. Heath Ledger played a remarkable and rememberable Joker. He really stole the main part I believe. What an awesome job he did.
This movie however is not for very young kids and use your parental discretion when viewing this movie. You may want to watch on your own time. Great movie. I will watch it again.


Sammanthia said...

Crap, I was going to rent it for us for family movie night, but after reading the last part I guess I should probably watch it first and THEN decide if I want G and C to see it!

tisha said...

yea i do agree that the movie is not for kids and parental discretion is needed but i would like to tell all the kids don't miss the movie watch it when you grow old don't miss it cause it is a classic

betchai said...

Though I am not a young kid but an adult but one of the reasons I hesitate to watch the Dark Knight is when I read how strong is the characterization of negatives. I know it is a very good film must watch, and I do not know why I am waiting too long to watch it, I am afraid I will not be able to sleep for several nights :(

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment.

Wishing you the best of the season.

pkay said...

Tisha: Thanks for stopping by. You are right, the kids must see when they get older after they watch the other movies too. I do like the Batman.

betchai: thanks for stopping by and I get like that with movies myself. I just have to be in the right mood to watch some movies, like Tropic Thunder. Can't bring myself to watch it yet. Don't worry about not being able to sleep. It really not that bad but for kids could be a nightmare.