Saturday, December 27, 2008

Movie Flop

Yesterday, my husband and I went and saw the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still", my husband had been talking about going to see it since the previews.

My friend's mom and sister were in town for Christmas and he mentioned that they wanted to go see a movie too.

We met them there early so I could go get my stale popcorn. Nothing beat popcorn from a movie theater. Stale? I don't think so. I can make movie popcorn at the house, it tasted far better. I got a Coke because I had just taken my nap from the three tall beers I had at B Dubs.

I know what a lush.

It is a good thing I took my nap because, that movie was sooooo boring, that it would have put me to sleep.

OMG, I kept waiting for something to happen. Nothing ever did. I love Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connally but I would have to give two thumbs down on this movie. Do not go waste your money on this one and wait til if comes out for rent before you go buy. You may save your money on "Burn after Reading". Now, that was a funny movie. Little strange but better than the movie I saw at the theater with stale popcorn and stale Mike and Ikes. Total bummer.


L e e said...

I seldom go see a movie anymore, although my wife still does. Last one I went to see was TheBucket List. But I'll make a point of not seeing The Day - - -.
So, Ok, you missed seeing my "wave" as we passed thru your town the other day. We decided to take 67 thru San Angelo. It's a much more peaceful drive without losing much time. In fact we may go back that way too. (Oh, we're still at a ranch near Ft Davis). I put a few pics up on website. Happy New year,PKay.

running Mommy said...

Good thing I read your post: my husband wants to go see The day the earth stood still together, but it doesn't sound very good.

I'm gonna tell him that this movie is sure nót to move our world.