Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Batman Has a Daughter?

What, Batman has a daughter. Well, my crazy little kid friend (who is 35) has bought the series of "Birds of Prey" What the heck is this is is trying to make us watch now.

Last time, well as a matter of fact it was 2007 Thanksgiving or Christmas can't remember which, I have slept a time or two since then, he made us watch the science fiction of "FireFly" series. It really was a great series of science fiction.

Okay, back to the Batman thing. Did you know that Batman and Cat Woman did the wild thing and had a daughter. Yes, that is right. Batman has slipped into the dark or stepped aside for his daughter to gain exposure. Her name is Helena Skye aka "Huntress"

Birds of Prey include Barbara Gordon aka "Oracle" after she grew up. She was "Batgirl" earlier on from 1966 to 1988. She was shot by the joker protecting Batman which paralyzed her from the waist down, so she does everything at the office with the computer and fighting behind the scenes.

Also joining this group is Dinah a young girl coming into her powers.

One hot police officer named Jesse Reese who the Huntress is very much attracted to and vica versa. He is no other than Shemar Moore. Yes, he played the gorgeous "Malcom Winters" from the "Young and the Restless" after he did this show. Very nice on the eyes. That was the only reason I kepted watching.

So, what I have to say is that this is kind of cheezy tv show. I would have never watched it on TV, well come to think of it, I didn't.

A nice series to watch if you are all cooped up in the house due to the cold weather.

Oh, I forgot, the butler from Batman is helping this trio too. He calls Batman at the end. It was really cool.