Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Turn the Lights On

It is that time of year when all the decorations come out and the lights are on.

For a few weeks during the Holidays houses are lit by many differents type of lights. But, what happens after the Holidays? Christmas Lights come down are you left in the dark? Well, you don't have to be.

My husband likes to live in the dark, and sometimes I like to read or do some research and I can never find some good reading lights in the house.

I have found the solutions over at I came across this site shopping for something else and I was amazed at the number of great lights that they have on their site. In my front living area I have a Norman Rockwell setting and I have been searching for a great Lamp replica for that era. Now, I am not the traditional type person and I like going outside the box, meaning bringing stuff from the outside to use on the inside. I found that Norman Rockwell Lamp that I have been looking for. I love the look of this lamp. The price is right up my low budget dark alley. :)

Now, for the reading lamp, I like the look of this lamp and the little sidekick that you can turn on and off just for the reading. Again, take a look at this lamp, perfect for the budget right now.

Do you need a night light for the kiddo? Perfect place to shop for some. Oh I found the cutest little nite light for any little tike. They have Football Helmet Lights, Little Lullaby Lights, Orange County Choppers, and the list goes on. Why do people always come up with the cute ones after my kids are grown.

I could really go on about this site but I think it is better if you go where the light is a little brigher. I hope you find what you are looking for. I know I did.

Happy Shopping.


Sammanthia said...

I think your husband and I might be related... I'm the same way. I like the darkish with only candles for light. Mark thinks I'm a vampire.;)