Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have to tell you that once a month I play BUNCO with a very fine group of ladies. We generally have a potluck dinner in which the host will prepare the main meal and the rest of the players will bring some concoction of food which they just so happen to digg out of an old recipe booklet to try out on us. Love you ladies. Still living so it must not be all that bad, although we have lost of few players, they say it was from retiring, taking a break, or different personality clashes. I say it could have been the food. :) Right, check out what I ended up eating "You know you're addicted," See, what I am saying.

No, really those ladies do know how to cook. I think they get a little nervous when I have to bring something. They do hate it when they come to my house because I always cook something healthy. I am just looking out for them. They will thank me one day or not when they are laid up in the hospital bed saying to me, "I should have listen to you."

We have a ball, and we talk about anything. We solve all the worlds problems and then some in about 2 hours. Now, why can't the govt. do that. They really need us BUNCO ladies to help them out.

It is such a fun time and a very good stress releaser. We have this wonderful lady who is trying to find a new career, job, or something. Bless her heart, she goes and applies for a position at the bank for the checks processing or something or another. She is suppose to take a ten-key test. So, she goes home and practices a great deal on her computer only to find out they bring out a real ten-key. Can you imagine, what the heck is that she says. LOL! We all busted up laughing so hard. Look, she was not born in the 80's so she should know what one looks like. Bless her heart she tries so hard.

i get stuck over at the losers table for about 6 games straight and finally I make it over to the big table. Look out you all I hate to lose. So, what happens, I get a BUNCO. What is a BUNCO, you ask? Well, a bunco is when you roll 3 sixes at the same time. I forgot to mention that you play with 3 die. It is harder than it sounds. Sometimes I wonder if those die are fixed. So, I end up the top winner.

Now, the prizes is what we really play for, and those ladies know how to pick them. I try and give away fitness classes, but they won't no part in that, nor do they like my Arbonne stuff. Too bad for them. They try to pin point on what it is that I like and to tell you the truth, I like alot of different stuff, but I am not a flower person, so don't try and give me flower stuff for my house. I love plants and I love it when my husband gives me flowers. i get on a streak and then I find something else to like.

Everyone likes the deserts. I do too. It seems like everyone likes to bring a desert, where is the real food people, we have ladies who need real food. Like those of us who actually exercise.

Well, if you have not played you should try and get a group together, you never know who you are going to get and these ladies are some really neat ladies. I love them.