Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting Started

I am back from vacation and I am already stressed out. I started the day off great. I am in a good mood. I taught my Yoga class this morning and they surely missed me. It is great to be missed. Then, here it goes. People are blowing up my phones, remember what I talked about earlier. Well, that did not so much bother me. I had a blind detail to go do and I was in luck and actually was able to schedule an install for one long blind.

Okay, this house had so many kittens. The lady asked me if I wanted one. I told her "No thank you, I almost got divorced over the last two I brought home" The kittens were cute. They can be cute at her house. Besides, she had a little girl who just loved them. They were really nice people.

So, after that I finally got in touch with the electric company that I had called last week. Well, not so much good news there. They wanted $500 smack a roos for a deposit to set up electric. Are you kidding me? Okay, well I called someone else, they quickly did a check and I did not have to pay a deposit until they found out it was for a business. What, what the heck is the difference? She did not even know. Electricity is electricity. They buy it in bundles anyhow. How can they be different? They are really hosing the little guy. How can someone make it in this world if you have greedy people taking advantage of the small business owner. Ugh! I will wait and see what the other company says. Can't move into my new spot because I have no electricity. Rats! I suppose until then, whatever. Someone please give me some advice.