Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Day in Dublin Texas

Father's Day was yesterday and we were just having a nice ol day. I watched Crusoe with Aidan Quinn. He is HOT! Then, I watched "Jumanji" with Robin Williams. I had not seen that movie in a long time all the way through. I love that movie.

Well, a friend of ours told us that he had gone to Dublin, Texas to see the Dr. Pepper factory. This place is in working order. They only serve a radius of 44 miles. The original Dr. Pepper place. It was really neat. Not very big and the people there were really super nice. The trip to get there was only like an hour and twenty minutes. Here are some photos of the place.

This is the Dr. Pepper sign outside. Look since 1891.

The Dr. Pepper sign on 377 coming into Dublin.

This is Jerry (the hubby), Connor, (my youngest) and then ME, sitting at the statue of Mr. Kolster who originally took it over from Sam Houston Prim. He owned the Dr. Pepper company for 67 years until he died.

I will tell you this, he collected everything Dr. Pepper. You could Dr. Pepper in everything.

We checked out the museum. We even got a little bottle of the original Dr. Pepper. They still make Dr. Pepper at Dublin with Imperial Sugar instead of that corn syrup. It really taste sooooo good. I really wanted more.

This bottle is so cute.

This is outside the building. A mural.

This is the nice part of the trip. So after we left the Dr. Pepper place we decided to head back home and take I-20. Well, not such a great idea. Take a look what happened next. We have damaged.