Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You Know You're Addicted.....

I have like become obbessed with this whole blogging thing. Like I need something else to get into. I don't have time to clean, cook, do laundry or anything else for that matter. But then again who wants to do that stuff. This blogging this has really consume my life. I like though.

Take a look at what happened the other night when I came home from Body Chizel. I decided to eat a little, so I put together a little plate from what my family had already eaten for dinner.

I stuck in the microwave to heat it up for 2 minutes. Did you see that it was only for 2 minutes. I came into the computer room to sit down and check e-mail and blog stuff. I of course get consumed at looking at everything and signing up for this and that and my friend C.C. Almon told me to check out how to do something on Wordpress and of course it does not work because I have to upgrade. ugh! Anyway, so I am sitting in this chair for what seems like a long time and the microwave should have dinged by now. I keep typing and searching for fitness videos like I always do and get distracted and probably bought something too.

My daughter comes in to tell me that the microwave says 9:03, well which happens to be the same time it was on the stove clock. "So!" I said. "No, mother" she said, it is the time left on the microwave. What? I said. What the heck! I get my butt up off the chair that now has stuck to because I have sat in it for awhile waiting for my food to warm up for 2 minutes. Only to find out that I typed in 20 minutes for the food to warm-up. :( Look what happened.

This stuff is cooked, nucked almost disintegrated.
Well, just have to make another plate. Okay, Connor watch me to see if I put in 2 minutes.
I tell you it is rough getting old. I have to have her read things to me cause i can't see the small print. Frustrating.


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MommyWho? said...

Sounds like me... once I get on the computer, only the sounds of the smoke alarm going off will snap me out of it. My husband calls it a "Five Alarm Supper".

pkay said...

This is the truth. I actually have my kids whining to me to get off the computer. It really is sad. oh well, I spent plenty of days and nights catering to them. LOL